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Bazaar Uniforms & Men’s Store offers a great selection of accessories and gear in El Paso, TX. We carry body armor, flashlights, protective helmets, safety equipment and more from top brands like Broner, Logistics Supply, Plastex and more!

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1. You should never go cheap on your safety. Whether you are buying a safety vest, a hardhat or body armor, when it comes to your safety, no price is too high. Bazaar will help you choose quality safety gear at competitive prices that will last and keep you protected at all times.

2. You’ll spend less over the long term. By the time you’ve gone through two or three cheap flashlights from another retailer, you could have come to Bazaar and purchased a quality one. We’ll help you find the stuff you need to get the job done.

3. You can customize our accessories. Need your company logo imprinted on a particular item? No problem. We offer accessory branding so that your employees will look like the unified team they are.